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2021 1st Quarter at the Ford Minority Dealers Association

For most of the country, 2021 is mildly recovering from COVID-19. The Biden administration is making a bold objective
to give 100 million people the vaccine shot in 100 days. By the time you receive our newsletter we will know the outcome
of the President’s bold objective. Congress just past the third stimulus bill in March 2021. The American Rescue Plan will
put $1.9 trillion dollars back into the economy.

We anticipate a spike in our business as the economy gets a well-deserved shot in the arm. The consumers will start
coming back to the showroom and we will be ready to put the customer in a new or used vehicle. We all know that
inventory is being delayed due to circumstances out of our control. However, we can continue to sell what we have and
offer value through our F & I department for the customer now.

Most Americans will increase their driving mileage this year. There is a great opportunity for the service department to
increase its revenue. Utilizing your BDC strategy will bring added benefits and pay great dividends to your bottom line.
The add on sales like Tires, Batteries, and Accessories will provide higher gross margin that will also contribute to the
bottom line.

Your Board members continue to serve on various committees interfacing with Ford, Ford Motor Credit Company, and
Ford Sr. Management. Due to your input and suggestion, we held a virtual town hall meeting. Your participation in the
town hall meeting made it a success. The timely questions asked by our members will help advance our mission of
inclusiveness and participation.

We continue to work with our long-term vendor partners and new vendor relationships bringing our members the best
products and services in the marketplace. If for any reason you do not get a chance to attend our webinars or workshops,
they will be archived on our website. When you get our surveys, please take the time to send it back in. We need your
feedback so that we can constantly improve on services that we provide to our members.
It is also part of our strategy as an association, that we will constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to share with
our members. As you know Ford Motor Company set an objective for 92 net dealerships over a 5-year period. As a
matter of fact, we are starting to see opportunities that are pouring into the Ford MDA office. And for any reason, if you
are contemplating selling your dealership, please let us know. The information you provide us with is treated with strict
confidence. Thank you for your continued support of our association. Please continue staying safe, as we look forward
to a prosperous 2021.


Ray (JR) Fregia Jr.

Ray (JR) Fregia Jr, Chairman, Ford Minority Dealers Association


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