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Dear Fellow Minority Dealer,

Hopefully by now you have heard about our new minority dealer association, Ford Minority Dealer Association (Ford MDA). Ford MDA was formed in September 2011 after more than 18 months of talks and negotiations between the Ford Motor Minority Dealer Association (FMMDA), the Alliance of Ford Motor Minority Dealers (Alliance) and Ford Motor Company.

As a new organization, we have developed joint understandings which will allow for improved interaction with Ford Motor Company and the development of a business plan  which will get us well on the way to becoming a premier minority dealer association. The Ford MDA board members are involved in the various committees, supporting the our business plan.

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Our board is a made up of former members of the Alliance and the FMMDA board of directors along with the Minority Dealer Representative of Dealer Council. We have come together to form this new unified diversity dealer organization and it is my honor to serve as its first Chairman who is charged with helping to chart the course for the future of Minority Dealers.

Based on our mission to sustain, strengthen, and grow the membership, our new organization will increase our voice with Ford Motor Company, give us more resources to assist our members, and enhance participation with our dealer body. Ford MDA strives to be a value-added organization for our members and here are some of the Board’s value propositions:

  • Ford MDA will be the catalyst to provide a united front to Ford Motor Company so your voice will be heard.
  • Ford MDA offers you the opportunity to voice your concerns and needs to the Board.
  • Ford MDA will provide the opportunity to be face to face with your Regional Manager and Ford Motor Company Executives.
  • Ford MDA can provide assistance to attain the funding necessary for training and capital improvements.
  • Regional and National meetings will provide you access to a large network of successful dealers.
  • Ford MDA will assist in Minority opportunities for management development and dealer “step-up” opportunities.

Other strategies are to develop a Capital Loan Program and to develop a Candidate Awareness Process.

There is much work that needs to be done; and with all of us being engaged and involved we are sure we will have the best minority dealer network in the industry.  Please fill out the enrollment form in this section and mail the original to our office.

In the meantime, feel free to use the attached list to contact anyone of us to learn more about our association and our goals. We hope that you will come on board with us as we embark on the next leg of this Minority Dealer journey.

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