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Message from the Executive Director

Dear Members and Supporters, Nick Vujicic the world-renowned speaker was born with Tetra-Amelia. The syndrome which is a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. Nick once said, “Keep moving ahead because action creates momentum, which in turn creates unanticipated opportunities.” I have been part of the Ford Minority Dealer Association going on twenty years. I can tell you that the leadership that I have had the pleasure to serve is second to none. The Board is always there serving as an advocate for the members. There are times when we had to take a firm stand for our members, when our members had no other recourse. The Board never wavered on support our members and being the voice for the minority dealers. We are so grateful to our members that continue to engage with us on minority issues that are relevant to our success and momentum in conducting the mission of our organization. In 2022 under the leadership of our newly elected Chairman, Mr. Robert Valdes, dealer principal of Keystone Ford in Chambersburg, PA will continue engaging the board with Ford and Lincoln executives to increase our dealer body and sustain the current dealers we have in place today. The committees that we will participate in with the manufacturer are: • Sustain and Strengthen Existing Dealers • Candidate/Location Development • Improve Dealership Liquidity • Communications Committee Each committee chairperson is one of our Board of Directors. Further, each board member serves on at least two committees. This year, to have more dealer input we have recruited non board members to sit on the committees as well. I must tell you that the input from the dealers on these committees are providing our association momentum needed to get to the next level for our association. We will also reach out to non-committee members for their input as well. The input that we received from non-committee members over the years add value to the stance that we take for our dealer body. The Pandemic Effect The COVID-19 Variant such as Omicron has slowed us down but has not taken away our desire for continue improvement. There are still best practices we can share to keep all our dealers profitable during these dynamic swings in the economy. Also, if you have not, please register for the NADA conference and exposition in Las Vegas, March 10th – 13th (Thursday-Sunday). I believe that you will find valuable information to take back to your dealership. During the NADA conference and exposition, the Time Dealer judges select the Time Dealer of the Year. This year our former Chairman, Mr. Ray Fregia Jr. is a nominee. If you get a chance to see him at the NADA conference and exposition or before, please wish him success as becoming the dealer of the year. Further, it is a great honor for any dealer added to this prestigious list of superb dealers from every State in the Union. This year we will have a Ford MDA digital portal that is part of your member benefits. There is no charge to the dealer for the basic package. Mr. Osvaldo Garcia, Jr. will be in contact with you for installation of the digital portal. We are putting together a series of webinars for 2022. This is based on our survey results and the feedback we got from members that attended the conference. Our vendors are supporting us with expert content making the webinars a success. Further, the content of the webinars is useful for your team to use in the store and take advantage of increasing their knowledge. Our strategy is to help you plan for change and the uncertainty that the current environment is breeding. And if there is something you feel that we need to share with the rest of our dealers, please do not hesitate to send me any information that you want to share. In 2021 and beyond, it is our goal to continue improving tools and resources for you to be profitable. Further, we want to continue the momentum that we harnessed over the years. We pray that you and your family are staying safe during these challenging times. Also, that your employees, their families, and friends are safe as well. Best Regards,
Dr. AV Fleming Executive Director, Ford Minority Dealers Association