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Growth Audiences

Reach more Spanish-speaking customers on your website

The latest resource to help you reach Spanish-speaking customers and increase sales with this growing audience is now available! You can find Top Tips for Reaching More Spanish-speaking Customers on Your Website on Growth Audiences Resource Site. This quick read provides simple and inexpensive tips that can go a long way toward welcoming people more comfortable speaking Spanish. Also included is a dealership-ready checklist. The Growth audiences team partnered with Ford Direct on this resources and will continue working hard to find effective ways to reach all growth audiences. Find more resources to reach Hispanic, African American and Women customers on the Growth Audiences Resource site.

Today’s automotive customers include both men and women from all different races, ages and socio-economic backgrounds. In order to win their business and gain their loyalty, you must take the time to ensure your dealership makes these Focus Audiences customer groups a priority.

Focus Audiences is not a new way of doing business. It is about finding areas in your daily processes to include diverse audiences.

Growth Audiences from Ford Motor Company