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Benefits of Membership

  • Gain Minority opportunities for management development and dealer “step-up” opportunities
  • Benefit from exclusive Ford MDA initiatives as a Minority Ford Dealer
  • Access to utilize the Aged Inventory Marketing Fund
  • Receive Performance Consulting Training
  • Specially curated training opportunities at reduced rates
  • Networking opportunities across the Automotive Industry and FoMoCo Executive Level Personnel
  • NAMAD dues and conference registrations are paid for Ford MDA members

How to Join

As the premier and largest minority dealers network we are uniquely postitioned to thoroghly engage and lobby for Ford Minority Dealers. Ask for a list of our successful campaigns on behalf of our members.

Unparalleled Training & Networking Opportunities

Ford MDA was formed in September 2011 after more than 18 months of talks and negotiations that merged the Ford Motor Minority Dealer Association (FMMDA), the Alliance of Ford Motor Minority Dealers (Alliance) and Ford Motor Company.

The Ford Minority Dealers Association (Ford MDA) is benefitted greatly from robust involvment of our diverse board.  Consistently the grassroots input has allowed us to identify and address pain points more efficiently and effectively.  Becoming the largest and preimer association enables us to lobby on behalf of Minority Owned Ford Dealerships. 

The Ford MDA board is comprised of former Alliance and FMMDA members as well as the Minority Dealer Representative of Dealer Council. As a unified diversity dealer organization and it is our honor to serve Minority Ford Dealers.  The Ford MDA board members are involved in the various committees, supporting the our business plan. 

Our mission to sustain, strengthen, and grow the membership.  Increasing the voice of Minority Ford Dealers with Ford Motor Company with the intention of gaining resources and enhanced participation with our dealer body. Ford MDA strives to be a value-added organization. 

  • Be the catalyst to provide a united front to Ford Motor Company so your voice will be heard.
  • Offers the opportunity to voice your concerns and needs.
  • Provide the opportunity to be face to face with your Regional Manager and Ford Motor Company Executives.
  • Provide assistance to attain the funding necessary for training and capital improvements.
  • Regional and National meetings will provide you access to a large network of successful dealers.
  • Assist in Minority opportunities for management development and dealer “step-up” opportunities.

There is much work that needs to be done.  As the premier and largest minority dealer network in the automotive industry we are confident in our continued success. Contact us to learn about how we can help empower you. 


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