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Dear Members and Supporters,
For all our members and supporters that lost a family member or friend, we want to give you our most serious condo- lences. There is no way we can feel the pain that you do, but we will continue to be there for you as you prepare for the future. For COVID-19, we are seeing relief is on the way. President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine plan appears to be ahead of schedule. Some states can reduce restrictions based on CDC recommendations. Each day we appear to be getting back to the pre COVID-19 days in 2020.
By the time you get our newsletter, we will have crowned a Super Bowl champion and NCAA champion. Fans are gradually starting to be admitted to the events. So, we cheer on our favorite team and things are starting to look normal again. The NADA conference was held in February 2021. The conference was put on without a hitch. Besides taking advantage of the virtual format, for the first time the conference held a diversity panel.
Our very own Chairman, Ray Fregia Jr, was on the panel. The panel did an excellent job sharing the success and chal- lenges that women and minority dealers face in the retail automotive industry. The panel was moderated by Mr. Jeff Breeland. By the way Mr. Breeland is the moderator for our Ford MDA 20 Group. The virtual workshop had over 400 attendees. This workshop was one of the best attended at the conference. I want to thank NADA for putting on such an important and timely workshop and I look forward to NADA’s continuous commitment to diversity during future confer- ences. By the way if you did not see the workshop, I believe that NADA has the workshops archived.
By now you should have received our save the date for our membership meeting. Our Ford MDA membership meeting will be held at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas, NV August 18th – 20th. The meeting will also have a virtual component to the meeting. We are navigating our planning process with as much certainty as we can. Having the virtual component helps us connect to members and supporters that may not be able to travel.
We are currently working with our vendors so that we can put together the best hybrid program available for you. Our goal is to give you the support in helping you succeed as we work our way through the pandemic. Further, the market- place may be changed forever. We want to take advantage of the new marketplace so that we can assist our members with increasing market share, sales, service, and profit.
We appreciate every time that you attended a Zoom meeting or webinar that is sponsored by the association. In 2021, it is our goal to continue improving on the tools and resources for you to be profitable. We pray that you and your family are staying safe during the pandemic. Also, that your employees, their families, and friends are safe as well.

Best Regards,

Dr. A. V. Fleming

Executive Director, Ford Minority Dealers Association